Got Boots?

BootsFourKids is collecting new/used footy boots to donate to remote Queensland communities.

Browns Plains Bears are proud to align ourselves with BootsFourKids. A campaign started by Shaun Slater which collects new and used footy boots and delivers them to remote Queensland communities.

Shaun aided a once-off Government program a few years ago which made a similar contribution. “After seeing the success it had I thought why not keep the ball rolling”, said Shaun. He kicked off the BootsFourKids program last December.

“Before donating 93 pairs of footy boots to the Cherbourg Hornets RLFC I managed to collect a massive 385 pairs!”, he said. But the program still needs more.

Shaun has reached out to the NRL who has also donated balls and QRL Clubs such as the Sunshine Coast Falcons and Ipswich Jets are also on board.

Now local Clubs like our very own Browns Plains Bears are proud to take part in this noble idea.

We’re calling out to all families to find last years footy boots and even head gear that doesn’t fit any more, give them a clean up and bring them on down to the Club. We’re going to collect as many as we can for Shaun and his BootsFourKids program.

Please bring them into the office on training nights which is Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 5pm.

Help spread the word for BootsFourKids by liking their Facebook page and get involved!

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